Punch working mode

Punch must be oil gun clutch, the bond is at least not less than 2 times the oil. Every month to check the shaft bearings and injection of calcium-based grease 3. The nuts of the connecting rods and fittings must be checked for looseness and adhere to the small weekly punch, such as cleaning, to keep the equipment clean.

Punch work: According to the oil circuit diagram of each punch on the right side of the bed body, timing hand freezing oil pump, oil pan, oil gun oil lubrication equipment. The billet is placed over the billet while cutting.

The pressure of the material on the foreigner makes it plastic deformation and obtains the desired shape and precision so you have to use a set of molds (upper and lower die), placed in the material, on the machine The pressure, when deformed, is applied to the material that causes the reaction to be absorbed by the body. Many companies in the use of stamping processing production, still continue to use a simple manual work, play hands directly in the cavity, as well as a large number of production tasks by the equipment are saddled with a wide range of products. Henan punch in this case, if the stamping equipment and mold without safety protection devices, and easy to hand injury accident. Therefore, in punch production, strengthen security protection, improve the degree of mechanization, is an important way to prevent accidents.

In order to avoid waste, fall into the dies should be on the stage edge scrap cleaning work will be at regular intervals. Punching plant shallow drawing work, pay attention to the equipment and mold found in the steel plate welding press work is not normal, such as guide pin loose, mold, machine tools are not normal ringing tone, manipulator failure, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine check Quality fault repair.

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