Precision punch press work, automatic precision press line through the two lift cylinder mold support plate received solid table press, die casting mold specified by the support plate installed in the mold, the punch manufacturer mold is fixed to the paper On the high-speed punch from left to right or right to die at a certain speed continuously to the left. The precision punch presses the drive pulley of the motor to drive the belt drive pulley to turn the active crankshaft pulley.

The active crankshaft is driven by the crankshaft gear, and the crankshaft is driven by the reverse The speed of the reverse rotation drilling machine manufacturers, and the four sets of crank link driven by synchronous movement on the drive, the four links 2 by the slider shaft of the device is the lower end of the active connection cnc busbar bender, and in the lower four-bar reciprocating drive Reciprocating the upper and lower rams in the upper and lower molds and the relative movement of the stamped sheets by reciprocating the punch. The precision punch press speed is fixed to one end of the body while the other end is fixed to the slide means.

The precision punch press restrains the sliding member in the moving direction. Further, the displacement direction of the left slide bar is not limited to the vertical direction , The direction of movement of the rear slider means that the front cover is set in the curve defined by the four rollers but the curve of the roller and the wheel side with respect to the slider of the rolling device are not moved in the vertical direction plate Drilling Machine, The positioning accuracy can be more than 0.01mm by the combination of the effect of the upper and lower punching device and the four upper molds to be linked in the elastic plate and the curve roller in the vertical direction.

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