Pneumatic punching force – will you calculate it?

Pneumatic punching force – will you calculate it? Calculate the tonnage of various tonnage of pneumatic punching force, according to punching plate material specific components, aperture, plate thickness, spring return material to calculate, generally because of different material composition band saw machine, tensile strength is not the same. Such as A3,45 #: A3 tensile strength of 42kg / mm2 .45 # of the tensile strength of 47kg / mm2. In this case, Stamping mainly know that iron (steel) plate shear strength (shear strength is 70% of tensile strength) on the line. For example: punching a 45 # material of iron, 2mm thick, 30mm diameter hole needs much impulse load? It is known that the iron plate is 45 # = 47 kg = 47/70% = 32.9 kg Formation: 45 # steel plate shear strength is 32.9kg / mm2. Solution: 30×3.14x2x32.9 = 6047.6 kg (Kg) This is the pure impulse load. In fact, also need to consider the rubber or spring back material metal stamping, the number of concave die set plate punching machine, die, punch die wear and other factors. Like you this 6048Kg to Plus 50% -100%, that is, 10T and 16T. \thow is it? Friends now you will? More pneumatic punch information, please

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