Pneumatic punch accuracy of the meaning – you understand?

Pneumatic punch accuracy of the meaning – you understand? Many customers in the procurement of presses, we will ask us pneumatic punching on the accuracy of a standard in the end what is the meaning of the specific test is what the project is not the actual punching accuracy of the production? Pneumatic punch press production, punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products Head punching machine, die life.

The accuracy of the press is divided into the static accuracy of the punch when it is not loaded and the dynamic accuracy of the load (punching) angle machine. Pneumatic punching is a very important dynamic precision in punching production. Due to the use of punching machine, the actual load capacity varies greatly steel hole punch. Therefore, it is technically difficult to formulate the specifications, so it has not yet been integrated and the accuracy is represented by static precision.

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