Pneumatic Press how to demolish the film Pneumatic punching

Pneumatic Press how to demolish the film Pneumatic punching is the demolition of the punching operation of the scale to guide the production of reasonable manipulation and maintenance to ensure product quality milling machine for sale. Demolition of the membrane range: Quality Department: responsible for quality maintenance standards and production control of the control. Technology Department: responsible for the production process control file production control of the production control. Production Department: responsible for the manipulation of documents and equipment by the daily maintenance and maintenance.

Check the mold to confirm whether there is no Pass label, mold model selection is accurate, the mold is clean and clean. Check whether the accuracy of mold material, whether the process card and material match, incoming material size is consistent with the MI; Install the required mold according to the upper mold program sheet metal punching machine. Boot in strict accordance with the boot security program boot. Modulation according to the transfer process, according to the requirements of security mode. Try to use the same size to be washed with the same punching paper test punch, check whether the burr or missing charge punch, and then according to the thickness of punching plate to adjust the depth of concave and convex mold bite to be able to clean cutting Angle Steel Cutting Machine.

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