High-precision hydraulic punch factory after which the test

Hydraulic press: hydraulic press is at the moment is the stamping furnishings industry’s first fully voluntary, intelligent servo electro-hydraulic compound press, and the stubborn punch and injection press, whether in the machine trap, control and preparation Function has a great break. Hydraulic presses selected independent research and development of the double dead round of the servo system control methods, high level of human nature, full automation, intelligent and strong function. It can be used for stretch forming of products such as cutlery, kitchen utensils, metal shells of electrical appliances, hoods and lighting parts. Besides, it can be used in the latest touch-screen technology without mechanical contact. Point technology to establish parameters, the use of convenient, high degree of humanity.
Hydraulic press accessories maintenance Hydraulic transmission is the use of liquid pressure to convey the power and control of a transmission. Hydraulic equipment is hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors and other implementing agencies), hydraulic control valves and hydraulic subsidy components, it is the source of the effectiveness of auxiliary components, hydraulic pressure to achieve the limitations and treatment of hydraulic pressure occupational stress, pay attention to overload (Such as check valve, reversing valve, relief valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, throttle valve, governor valve, etc.).

High precision hydraulic press plan principle is the use of circular motion changes as a linear motion, after the idea of ​​motive force of the flywheel, through the unity of the aggregator of each crankshaft, gear and the punch press link, then slider It will expose the movement of the straight line, and this time from the motor to the connecting rod will form a circular motion.

High-precision hydraulic punch in the process of production, stamping parts of the situation, the size of very different requirements of precision, and the general requirements of the press factory production is not the same, which often people involved in the stamping to bring the necessary hard work. But on the other hand Henan punch, only to obey the basic order of precision punching stamping, understand the stamping of the basic processes of the respective deformation characteristics, even if the stamping parts of the shape, size, and accuracy requirements are not to the basic steps stamping or similar of. Ordinary environment can work in the following order:

High-precision hydraulic presses doomed the original data; comprehend the characteristics of the product parts drawing stamping process; decision stamping work planning; determine the size of the mold; select precision punching equipment; preparation of stamping process card; from the beginning to see the product parts drawings and kinds of pressure process ; The overall design of the mold; the main parts of the mold design; drawing mold assembly drawings and parts drawings, check the mold design; confirm the peace process.

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