Function and Characteristics of Pneumatic Die Pad for Precision Punch

Precision punching in the use of different stamping occasions with different stamping die automatic chamfering machine, if used for stretching the occasion will need to use the drawing die, and drawing die has a more special requirements, the use of punch processing required processing The material must have a blank holder and the product is ejected. When the stretch processing to be a large amount of tension is required in the bottom of the punch mold to install a buffer device to complete the pressure side and the top of the action, and this buffer device in the press industry is called mold pad.

At present, the mold pad used in the stretching occasion is basically oil mold pad, but the mold pad has a very significant shortcomings, mainly in three aspects: 1, due to the use of oil pressure best mill drill machine, its parts manufacturing precision requirements are relatively high, resulting in relatively high cost; 2, the use of relatively high cost, due to the existing stamping equipment generally use pneumatic clutch brake welding gantry, the factory only gas source, so the use of existing mold pad requires a separate hydraulic booster equipment; 3, the hydraulic seal requirements are relatively high, the probability of oil leakage is relatively large, dirty work environment.

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