Drilling the high-precision machining standards

Drilling machine is a widely used, which is characterized by the vertical axis of the spindle layout, and its position is fixed. Machining, in order to make the tool rotation center line and the center line of the hole coincidence, must adjust the working position. Suitable for processing small holes on the workpiece and processing accuracy relative to other drilling machine to be much higher.High-precision drilling machine processing standards are as follows:
1, the motor is copper core motor, electrical products using national 3C certification to ensure safe and reliable.
2, the basis of large pieces of resin sand molding casting, no blisters, no holes, aging treatment, high precision, with very high accuracy
3, the rail surface by the quenching treatment, the main axis of nitrogen treatment, delay the service life.
4, supersonic hardening gear, wear, high hardness, noise, the use of close CNC grinding gear grinding worm gear all the noise may be the detection of the quality of the gear teeth, noiseless sound, otherwise noise decibels above 100 decibels.
5, motor, electrical appliances are dedicated switches, electrical Yigai diminished color.

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