Characteristics of precision punching machine

1. Production automation, labor-saving, high efficiency. Precision punching machine can be equipped with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feed error detection, pre-cut hydraulic press, pre-breaking device, can be fully automated production, low cost and high efficiency. 2. Slider adjustment mechanism: Slip adjustment is divided into manually adjust the electric adjustment Hydraulic punching machines, convenient and reliable, safe, fast, accuracy up to 0.1mm. 3. High rigidity, high-precision rack, The use of steel welding, and by heat treatment, eliminating the fuselage Tc stress to make long-term stability of the equipment does not work. Structural load uniformity, steel balance.

4. Stable high precision: The main parts of the equipment crankshaft, gear, drive shaft and other parts are hardened by heat treatment in the grinding process has a high wear resistance, long-term stable performance to ensure that the requirements of high precision and stability. 5. Reliable and safe operation: The reason why easy to operate drill machine buy online, accurate positioning is because of the use of a different from the traditional brake, clutch / brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment common double solenoid control valve and overload protection device, To ensure that the punch high-speed movement and stop the accuracy and security.

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