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Precision punching the maintenance and repair

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Precision presses in the use of 1500-2000 hours to maintain nursing, lubricating oil spit out the amount of oil and pressure to pick knowledge effect test and control. Oxygen system of the filter, to control the valve and other functions and water impurities in the test checks and the necessary regulation stainless steel fabrication. Oxygen pressure switch setting value check and pressure picking knowledge efficiency test and control.

Check and control of set value check and measured value of mode high switch. Modular high-beam device sprocket, chain, drive shaft, worm and other devices whether the other loose, abnormal tension and chain tension check and control. Gear box to remove the top cover, which wear and key parts of the looseness of the key state inspection and carry out tank cleaning, lubricating oil and operating state, noise, sensation test inspection. Test and regulation of spitting oil volume and pressure at various points of transmission system. From the brake of the piston movement, brake angle, from the brake gap and to make the amount of wear test points picking up and with the necessary regulation. In this case, Precision punch sliding guide rail and guide the gap measurement and friction surface inspection, if necessary, for teaching and control. Flywheel bearings and other hand-lubricating grease and pipe, joint road inspection.

Flat cylinder operating state and the oil lubrication system oil angle shear, joint road test inspection. Motor circuit and electrical operating circuit insulation test of the test. Machine accuracy (verticality, parallelism, full gap, etc.) test, if necessary, to teach and control. The appearance and appendix of the punch clean and pick up points and the machine feet (basic) tightening screws, nuts, locking and level of control if necessary. Lubrication to the oil system Pu, piping and other clean care and inspection CNC busbar bending. Oxygen system of pneumatic components, piping and other clean nursing and action test check.

Characteristics of precision punching machine

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

1. Production automation, labor-saving, high efficiency. Precision punching machine can be equipped with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feed error detection, pre-cut hydraulic press, pre-breaking device, can be fully automated production, low cost and high efficiency. 2. Slider adjustment mechanism: Slip adjustment is divided into manually adjust the electric adjustment Hydraulic punching machines, convenient and reliable, safe, fast, accuracy up to 0.1mm. 3. High rigidity, high-precision rack, The use of steel welding, and by heat treatment, eliminating the fuselage Tc stress to make long-term stability of the equipment does not work. Structural load uniformity, steel balance.

4. Stable high precision: The main parts of the equipment crankshaft, gear, drive shaft and other parts are hardened by heat treatment in the grinding process has a high wear resistance, long-term stable performance to ensure that the requirements of high precision and stability. 5. Reliable and safe operation: The reason why easy to operate drill machine buy online, accurate positioning is because of the use of a different from the traditional brake, clutch / brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment common double solenoid control valve and overload protection device, To ensure that the punch high-speed movement and stop the accuracy and security.