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Pneumatic implementation of the original fault handling approach Pneumatic

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic implementation of the original fault handling approach Pneumatic actuator failure Due to improper assembly and long-term use of the cylinder, the pneumatic actuator is prone to internal and external leakage, the output force is not enough and the action is not smooth, poor cushioning effect, pneumatic piston rod and cylinder head damage and other symptoms. 1. Cylinders appear inside and outside the leak, usually due to eccentric piston rod installation, lack of oil supply, seals and seal rings wear or damage, the cylinder impurity and the piston rod caused by scars and so on. Therefore, when the cylinder inside and outside leakage, should re-adjust the center of the piston rod to ensure the concentricity of the piston rod and cylinder; must always check the reliability of the work of the lubricator to ensure good lubrication of the implementation of components; pneumatic punch When the seal ring and seal ring wear or damage ring, must be promptly replaced; if there is impurity in the cylinder, should be promptly removed; piston rod scars, should be renewed.

2. Cylinder output and lack of action is not smooth, the general pneumatic punch is due to the piston or piston rod is stuck, poor lubrication, lack of air supply, or the cylinder with condensed water and impurities and other reasons. In this regard, the center of the piston rod should be adjusted; check the operation of the oil mist is reliable; air supply pipe is blocked. When the cylinder has condensed water and impurities, should be promptly removed. 3. cylinder cushioning effect is poor steel punching machine, usually due to buffer ring wear or damage caused by adjustment screw. In this case, replace the seal ring and adjustment screw. 4. Cylinder piston rod and cylinder head damage, usually due to eccentric piston rod or buffer mechanism does not work caused by drilling machine suppliers. In this regard, adjust the center of the piston rod position; replace the buffer seal or adjustment screw busbar machine.

Pneumatic punching force – will you calculate it?

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punching force – will you calculate it? Calculate the tonnage of various tonnage of pneumatic punching force, according to punching plate material specific components, aperture, plate thickness, spring return material to calculate, generally because of different material composition band saw machine, tensile strength is not the same. Such as A3,45 #: A3 tensile strength of 42kg / mm2 .45 # of the tensile strength of 47kg / mm2. In this case, Stamping mainly know that iron (steel) plate shear strength (shear strength is 70% of tensile strength) on the line. For example: punching a 45 # material of iron, 2mm thick, 30mm diameter hole needs much impulse load? It is known that the iron plate is 45 # = 47 kg = 47/70% = 32.9 kg Formation: 45 # steel plate shear strength is 32.9kg / mm2. Solution: 30×3.14x2x32.9 = 6047.6 kg (Kg) This is the pure impulse load. In fact, also need to consider the rubber or spring back material metal stamping, the number of concave die set plate punching machine, die, punch die wear and other factors. Like you this 6048Kg to Plus 50% -100%, that is, 10T and 16T. \thow is it? Friends now you will? More pneumatic punch information, please

Pneumatic punch accuracy of the meaning – you understand?

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch accuracy of the meaning – you understand? Many customers in the procurement of presses, we will ask us pneumatic punching on the accuracy of a standard in the end what is the meaning of the specific test is what the project is not the actual punching accuracy of the production? Pneumatic punch press production, punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products Head punching machine, die life.

The accuracy of the press is divided into the static accuracy of the punch when it is not loaded and the dynamic accuracy of the load (punching) angle machine. Pneumatic punching is a very important dynamic precision in punching production. Due to the use of punching machine, the actual load capacity varies greatly steel hole punch. Therefore, it is technically difficult to formulate the specifications, so it has not yet been integrated and the accuracy is represented by static precision.

Pneumatic punch the main application areas

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch the main application areas In this case, Pneumatic punch the main application areas Pneumatic punch more health, clean! The use of advanced optical protection technology, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs. Applicable to all kinds of metal and non-metallic pipe, sheet metal punching areas. In this case, Machinery industry: stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping parts steel beam fabrication, metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts, stretching pieces, metal stretching pieces, stamping sheet metal parts.

In this case, Household goods: electronics, communications, electrical, lighting, toys, chassis, furniture, sports equipment, barbecue utensils hardware, lighting hardware, electronic hardware, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils, hinges, cotter pin, , Packaging materials, stickers, cell phone membrane drilling equipment for sale, gaskets, mats, aluminum parts, terminals, speaker network Road traffic: transportation supplies, automotive / security, protective equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories communications products bus bar bending machines. In this case, Office supplies: power counters, ATM teller shell, air-conditioning parts, printers, copiers racks and various types of precision sheet metal.

Pneumatic Pneumatic Technology With the continuous improvement of production automation

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic Pneumatic Technology With the continuous improvement of production automation, pneumatic Pneumatic Technology Pneumatic rapid expansion of the application of surface, pneumatic products continue to increase the variety of specifications, performance, quality continues to increase, the market value of steady growth welding gantry. Pneumatic products trends mainly in the following areas: First, miniaturization, integration Limited space requirements Pneumatic components of the external dimensions as small as possible, miniaturization is the main trend. Now the smallest cylinder diameter is only f2.5, and the preparation of the switch; solenoid valve width of only 10mm, the effective cross-sectional area of ​​5mm2; interface f4 valve has also been developed. According to the survey, the demand for miniaturization of components, about every 5 years doubled. The integration of the valve is not only a few valves together, but also contains the sensor, programmable logic controller and other functions. The purpose of integration is not only to save space, but also conducive to the installation, maintenance and reliability of work Steel Punching. Second, the combination of intelligent The simplest combination of components is a valve with a switch cylinder. In the material handling, has been used in the cylinder, swing cylinder, pneumatic chuck and vacuum chuck assembly; there is a combination of moving small items, with the director of the two cylinders are X and Y axis combination But also with a solenoid valve, program-controlled, compact structure, small footprint, adjustable travel. Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. develops intelligent valve with sensor and logic circuit, which is a combination of pneumatic and photoelectric technology. Without an external actuator, can directly read the sensor signal, and the logic circuit to determine the decision to follow the implementation of intelligent components and valve work. Development of functional modules have been more than 10 years of history, is now constantly improving. These general-purpose modules can be combined with a variety of programs to achieve different mechanical functions, economical, practical and convenient. Third, precision In order to make the positioning of the cylinder more accurate, the use of sensors, proportional valve to achieve feedback control, positioning accuracy of 0.01mm.

In the cylinder precision also developed 0.3mm / s low-speed cylinder and 0.01N micro-load cylinder. In the gas source treatment, the filter accuracy of 0.01mm, the filter efficiency of 99.9999% of the filter and the sensitivity of 0.001MPa pressure reducing valve has been developed. Fourth, high-speed In order to improve productivity, automation of the beat is accelerating, high-speed is an inevitable trend. The current piston speed range of the cylinder is 50-750mm / s. The piston speed of the cylinder is required to be increased to 5 m / s and up to 10 m / s. According to the survey, five years later, the speed of 2-5m / s, the cylinder demand will increase 2.5 times, 5m / s above the cylinder demand will increase 3 times. Correspondingly, the response speed of the valve will be accelerated, from the current 1/100 seconds to 1/1000 second level. 5, no oil, tasteless, sterile Human beings increasingly demanding on the environment, so no lubrication of the pneumatic components will be universal. Some special industries, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, more stringent requirements on the air, in addition to no oil, but also requires tasteless, sterile, such special requirements of the filter will continue to develop. Sixth, high life, high reliability and self-diagnostic function 50 million life of the valve and 3000 km of the cylinder has been commercialized, but in the textile machinery has a high-frequency valve life requirements of more than 100 million times, the best up to 200 million times. This requirement is difficult to achieve with existing elastomeric sealing valves, which places renewed emphasis on the gap sealing element. Numatics Corporation has a valve, the use of clearance seal, vent valve body in the valve was suspended after the state, the formation of friction-free movement, as well as self-dust function, valve life can be more than 200 million times, which Although it is an old product, or worth learning. Pneumatic components are mostly used in automatic production line, component failure will often affect the operation of the entire line, the sudden stop of the production line, resulting in serious losses, for this, the reliability of pneumatic components made a high demand. Jiangsu, a chemical fiber company requires the supply of pneumatic components in the set life is absolutely reliable, whether due to continue to use, all replaced. Here also put forward the balance of life of various types of components, the so-called life expectancy design. Since the self-diagnosis function of the pneumatic system is referred to the agenda, the components and systems for self-diagnosis function, such as the prediction life, are being developed, in order to ensure the reliability of the work and to sacrifice the life index. With the multi-functional mechanical devices, more and more wiring, not only increased the installation and maintenance workload, but also prone to failure, affecting the reliability of work, so wiring system for the improvement of pneumatic components and system designers Attention. 7, energy saving, low power consumption Energy conservation is a permanent issue, and will be set in the establishment of ISO14000 environmental protection system standards. Pneumatic components of the low power consumption is not only for energy, but more importantly, can be combined with microelectronic technology. 0.5W power consumption of the solenoid valve has long been commercialized, 0.4W, 0.3W of the valve has also been developed by the PC direct control. Eight, mechanical and electrical integration In order to accurately achieve pre-set control targets (such as switches, speed, output force, position, etc.) should be closed-loop feedback control. Gas – electric signal conversion, has become the key to achieve closed-circuit control, proportional control valve can be the interface of this conversion.

In the future for a long period of time to develop various forms of proportional control valve and electro-pneumatic proportional / servo system, and its performance, reliable, cheap is the development of pneumatic technology is a major issue. Now the application of proportional / servo system has been many examples, such as the precise positioning of the cylinder; for the vehicle suspension system to achieve good damping performance; cable car tilting device automatically when turning; serving the patient’s robots. How to be more practical examples, more economical to be further improved. 9, to meet the special requirements of certain industries In the fierce market competition, for some specific requirements of the development of industry-specific pneumatic components is an important aspect of opening up the market, the plants are very concerned about. The domestic pneumatic industry has recently developed special cylinder (high temperature, self-locking), special cylinder (seismic, high reliability), rail lubrication special valve (anti-cold, self-filtering ability), environmentally friendly automotive gas system Multi-media, excellent performance) and so on. 10, application of new technologies, new processes, new materials Die-casting new technology (hydraulic core-pulling, vacuum die-casting, etc.), deburring new technology (explosion, electrolysis, etc.) have been in the country And gradually extended; piezoelectric technology, bus technology, new soft magnetic materials, dialysis filters are being applied; super finishing, nanotechnology will also be transplanted. Pneumatic industry scientists pay special attention to the development of new trends in the seal, once the new structure and new materials, seals appear, will be used. 11, standardization Implementation of standards CNC Angle Punching Machine, especially ISO international standards is the principle that enterprises must abide by. It has two aspects to do: The first is the pneumatic products should implement the existing pneumatic-related standards, such as terms, technical parameters, test methods, installation dimensions and safety indicators. The second is to establish standards for enterprises to ensure that the system, the existing three: quality (ISO9000), environmental protection (ISO14000) and security (ISO18000). Standards in the growing and revised, enterprises and their products will continue to follow the development and update, the only way to promote the steady development of pneumatic technology. 12, security From the recently issued on the ISO international standards for pneumatic, we can see that the safety of pneumatic components and systems requirements are very strict. ISO4414 Pneumatic General will be dangerous elements into 14 categories, mainly mechanical strength, electrical appliances, noise, control failure and so on. ISO International has also promulgated the ISO18000 standard, requiring companies to establish safety assurance system hydraulic hole punch machine, the security issues on the agenda of particular importance. To this end, product development and system design to effectively consider the safety index is also the general trend of the development of pneumatic technology. For domestic enterprises, due to past industry standards to ignore the safety problems, it is necessary to re-enter the market of products re-assessment and amendment. At the PTC exhibition in 2001, SMC of Japan showed the linear motor prominently. As a pneumatic multinational company with international influence, the development of linear motor has its specific meaning, that is to remind the visitors: linear motor has alternative pneumatic components trend. Some people will therefore be regarded as the sunset industry, pneumatic industry, the author can not agree, there are several reasons: 1, due to gas compressibility, pneumatic products can achieve soft contact, gentle movements. Pneumatic technology of this feature is unmatched by other mechanical and electrical products.

Pneumatic spring and Japan Fukuoka stadium moveable roof air pressure seal is a small one big two typical example. There are many examples: Automatic Milking Robot, Simulated Massage, Lifting Patient’s Robot, Chinese Medicine Simulated Teaching Device, Simulated Acceleration Seat for Airplane Driving Training and so on. The above examples, once a pneumatic product, can not be replaced by other products. 2, some specific environment, such as fire, explosion, high temperature, high humidity and other occasions, pneumatic components have their unique adaptability, if replaced with other mechanical and electrical products, will increase the cost of many users will not accept. 3, the pneumatic system can work in the gap state output of large energy, anti-overload capability, which is the weak link in the motor, difficult to replace. 4, vacuum, jet technology has been integrated with the traditional pneumatic technology, their products have become a part of pneumatic products, combined with the application of these two technologies, but also other electromechanical devices can not be replaced. For example, the pipeline transportation of dust, ultra-small, light goods handling, floating slip, mechanical processing of thin-plate positioning of the workpiece and air spinning. In addition, there are certainly many examples to illustrate the pneumatic technology has its unique advantages, not the sunset industry, will work with other mechanical and electrical industry common and sustainable development.

Pneumatic punch is made of what material

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic punch is made of what material Shenzhen IPM pneumatic punch Introduction: In this case, Pneumatic Press – Highly sensitive and reliable clutch / brake device and the international top double solenoid valve, overload protection device to ensure the accuracy and safety of the press slide and stop Pneumatic punch – high steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system Beam Sawing Machine, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the stability of the whole accuracy and reliability Pneumatic punch – the machine uses high-alloy steel Drilling Machine for Plate, double crankshaft, two wide work center, away from the connecting rod support structure, optimal design.

Pneumatic punch – In order to ensure the relative stability of the machine operation, the use of symmetrical two slider, balancer device design Pneumatic punch – adjustment precision up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable Pneumatic punch – crankshaft, gears, connecting rod and other components, the hard oxidation and grinding process, with a high overall performance and tolerance type Pneumatic punch – machine structure design is reasonable, easy to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency Pneumatic punch – advanced design concepts CNC movable drilling machine, low noise, low consumption, energy saving The above is the introduction of pneumatic punch performance and design, learn more pneumatic punch in:

Pneumatic Press how to demolish the film Pneumatic punching

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Pneumatic Press how to demolish the film Pneumatic punching is the demolition of the punching operation of the scale to guide the production of reasonable manipulation and maintenance to ensure product quality milling machine for sale. Demolition of the membrane range: Quality Department: responsible for quality maintenance standards and production control of the control. Technology Department: responsible for the production process control file production control of the production control. Production Department: responsible for the manipulation of documents and equipment by the daily maintenance and maintenance.

Check the mold to confirm whether there is no Pass label, mold model selection is accurate, the mold is clean and clean. Check whether the accuracy of mold material, whether the process card and material match, incoming material size is consistent with the MI; Install the required mold according to the upper mold program sheet metal punching machine. Boot in strict accordance with the boot security program boot. Modulation according to the transfer process, according to the requirements of security mode. Try to use the same size to be washed with the same punching paper test punch, check whether the burr or missing charge punch, and then according to the thickness of punching plate to adjust the depth of concave and convex mold bite to be able to clean cutting Angle Steel Cutting Machine.

Precision punching factory where – professional manufacturers punch manufacturers

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Precision punching machine is usually used high-grade, high-strength cast iron and to stress-tempering and natural aging treatment, so to ensure that its small deformation coefficient of high rigidity, precision and stability, precision punching is generally suitable for stamping thickness of thin and high precision products; If the punching accuracy is not high but the thickness is relatively thin with a high-speed presses can also greatly improve production efficiency. Precision presses are widely used in precision electronic, communications, computers, household appliances, auto parts, motor rotor and other small precision parts of the stamping process. To prevent contamination of the oil to ensure clean oil is to protect the hydraulic system is the key to normal work.

According to the actual experience CNC marking line, the hydraulic system has 80 percent of the problems caused by oil pollution, oil pollution will accelerate the loss of hydraulic components cnc plate drilling machine. Regular cleaning, fastening, filtration and replacement system. Hydraulic equipment during operation, because of shock vibration, loss and pollution, etc., will cause the tube loose, metal parts and seals loss, it is necessary for the hydraulic components and fuel tanks, such as regular cleaning and repair of oil boring machine for sale, seals To do a regular replacement. Precision punches prevent leaks in the hydraulic system because leakage and suction are common faults in hydraulic systems. To prevent leakage, the key is to do a good job of the three points, the first point is to improve the accuracy of hydraulic components and components of the assembly quality and installation of pipeline system quality. The second point is to improve the quality of seals, pay attention to the installation and replacement of seals on a regular basis, the third point is to strengthen the daily management and maintenance.

Function and Characteristics of Pneumatic Die Pad for Precision Punch

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Precision punching in the use of different stamping occasions with different stamping die automatic chamfering machine, if used for stretching the occasion will need to use the drawing die, and drawing die has a more special requirements, the use of punch processing required processing The material must have a blank holder and the product is ejected. When the stretch processing to be a large amount of tension is required in the bottom of the punch mold to install a buffer device to complete the pressure side and the top of the action, and this buffer device in the press industry is called mold pad.

At present, the mold pad used in the stretching occasion is basically oil mold pad, but the mold pad has a very significant shortcomings, mainly in three aspects: 1, due to the use of oil pressure best mill drill machine, its parts manufacturing precision requirements are relatively high, resulting in relatively high cost; 2, the use of relatively high cost, due to the existing stamping equipment generally use pneumatic clutch brake welding gantry, the factory only gas source, so the use of existing mold pad requires a separate hydraulic booster equipment; 3, the hydraulic seal requirements are relatively high, the probability of oil leakage is relatively large, dirty work environment.


Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Precision punch press work, automatic precision press line through the two lift cylinder mold support plate received solid table press, die casting mold specified by the support plate installed in the mold, the punch manufacturer mold is fixed to the paper On the high-speed punch from left to right or right to die at a certain speed continuously to the left. The precision punch presses the drive pulley of the motor to drive the belt drive pulley to turn the active crankshaft pulley.

The active crankshaft is driven by the crankshaft gear, and the crankshaft is driven by the reverse The speed of the reverse rotation drilling machine manufacturers, and the four sets of crank link driven by synchronous movement on the drive, the four links 2 by the slider shaft of the device is the lower end of the active connection cnc busbar bender, and in the lower four-bar reciprocating drive Reciprocating the upper and lower rams in the upper and lower molds and the relative movement of the stamped sheets by reciprocating the punch. The precision punch press speed is fixed to one end of the body while the other end is fixed to the slide means.

The precision punch press restrains the sliding member in the moving direction. Further, the displacement direction of the left slide bar is not limited to the vertical direction , The direction of movement of the rear slider means that the front cover is set in the curve defined by the four rollers but the curve of the roller and the wheel side with respect to the slider of the rolling device are not moved in the vertical direction plate Drilling Machine, The positioning accuracy can be more than 0.01mm by the combination of the effect of the upper and lower punching device and the four upper molds to be linked in the elastic plate and the curve roller in the vertical direction.